Yesterday I watched episode 3/5 of Agnes’s From Here to There where she documents the places, people, artists and artworks she loves. She is one of the most amazing film-makers that we’ve ever had. A powerhouse of love manifesting on screen.

There is a scene in the film where Agnes interviews art collector Elsbeth Bisig who claims to be really sad to sell an artwork by Mario Merz, a piece that she had with her for over 18 years

. Agnes responds by humbly asking “I imagine it sold for a high price. Over a million Euros?”, ”A bit over it, yes” Elsbeth replies. “Was meeting Mario important for you?” says Agnes, “Unforgettable” she replies.

Though troubled by it Agnes leaves the contradiction of it unresolved. Not everything is meant to reach to a state of resolution. Sometimes we tend to think that if something is not going according to our will we should change it in some way. It manifests in actions like directly encountering the problem, arguing, writing useless reviews or comments over the so called problem. But the problem stays and if not from the same source it emanates from elsewhere. Maybe we need to choose wisely where we spend our energies. Instead of directing our precious time towards vacuous efforts on meaningless pursuits its best to direct them towards our objects of love and find a deeper joy in uncovering it.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The oxford dictionary defines the word ‘Profess’ as

to ‘claim that one has (a quality or feeling), especially when this is not the case.’

And from the word Profess comes Professional and Professor

Then what does it mean to be a Professional or a professor. I’ve always found titles to be empty and restrictive. Titles like musician, animator, designer, artist, writer, etc. claim to create a certain identity of the person through a popular notion of others doing the same thing. In my design college there was a popular, invisible notion that ’animators’ have to be ‘animated’ all the time, quirky, funny, loud, like out of a Disney movie. When I see folks in the fine arts at times I see how heavily the notion of being different in attire, in looks, in thoughts, bears upon them.

I was recently asked if I was a comic artist by an acquaintance. Yes I made a couple of tiny comics, but I am not a comic artist I conveyed. As a human being I feel we do certain things that interest us or we are inclined to at certain points in life, I illustrate, animate, make films, write, alongside the myriad activities in life. I cook, read, blog, bike, play the guitar, clean my room, etc. too. But to say that the thing I do should define my identity takes away the power of my identity and its intrinsic need to manifest through the actions it does. The titles and ensuing expectations reduce the complex individual identities to an easily digestible, understandable, marketable product on the racks of its consumers.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

A person’s traits are reflected only on repetition. Getting to know a person better is basically understanding what are the things he/she repeats and thus then predicting how he will repeat them in other circumstances. Those repetitions can be pleasant or unpleasant to us. Those repetitions can be in harmony or disharmony with our own repetitions and this is how we come to like or dislike a person on various levels. Identity sets repetitions in actions and repeated actions create the identity.

To change ourselves in meaningful ways is to repeat the actions that are in alignment with our desired identity.