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Modo De Vida - A Goan Sketchbook

Animation Film Design

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A quaint Goan life hides beneath its touristy facade. A Goa of sleepy balcaos, pushy fish-mongers and of pilot bikes flitting on boiling afternoons; of the blend of traditions and a penchant for slow life. The animated sketchbook film explores this erstwhile Portuguese colony.

Official Selections / Awards

Paris International Animation Film Festival (PIAFF), France 2022

Horizon Competition - Prix Du Public Winner


Festival Du Film d’animation de Savigny, Switzerland 2022

Official Selection International Documentary Competition 


FEST, New Directors New Films, Portugal 2022

Official Selection FESTINHA Sub 12 Competition

London International Animation Festival (LIAF), UK 2022

Official Selection International Competition, Animated Documentaries

Animest Film Festival, Romania 2022

Official Selection - International Short Competition

Animattikon , Cyprus 2022

Official Selection - Animated Documentary

Lago Film Fest, Italy 2022

Official Selection UNICEF TEENS Competition 


Hiroshima Animation Season, Japan 2022

Official Selection - World Pan-Pacific and Asia Competition

Turku Animation Film Festival (TAFF), Finland 2022

Official Selection - Documentary Film Panorama

Dharamsala International Film Festival (DIFF), India 2022

Official Selection - International short film competition

Primanima Film Festival, Finland 2022

Official Selection - International Documentary Competition

Kaboom Animation Festival, Netherlands 2023

Official Selection - Asian Presence

Excerpts from the film


A quick storyboarding process made of thumbnails, depicting various daily living activities around Goa.

MDV_painting process.png

The animation was produced with a hybrid approach to save time. Digital animation was done to create line arts and the frames were transferred to a tablet. The tablet was then used as a lightbox with imagery on it, physical paper was clamped onto the tablet and each frame painted to get the final animation. 

footballSave2 Low.jpg

Some of the final frames from the film that were hand-painted. Each A4 sheet using the process above would contain about 4 frames using this method. The oxberry style markers were used as trackers to digitally align the frames after scanning.

MDV - Poster - boatman.jpg
MDV - Poster - coconut clap.jpg
MDV - Poster - Old Lady- lowRes.jpg
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