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A Writer in the Drawer

As someone who journals at length almost on a daily basis, I have shown little interest in sharing my own words over time. When I did I limited myself for I wasn’t sure if they made any sense to share it to the outside world at all. But the more I write its becoming clearer to me ... I myself need to be reminded of some of these writings, ideas, concepts, mental maps and ways of thinking - for some of them have helped me get through the thick and the lean.

These are thoughts that have emanated from reading books, watching films, traveling places, observing strangers and allowing life to carve my mind. I am used to making pretty, smart and even downright ugly pictures. What am not used to is crafting words elegantly. But hoarse as my voice maybe I have to start, for there is a lot to express, there is a lot to note for my future self and there is a lot to share.


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