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Consume to Create

I wrote these lines somewhere in my journals:

Its so important to consume what one desires to create. Books come from other books, films come from other films and music comes from other music. One needs to be a good consumer or connoisseur of these things and the kind of books, films, movies or music you like will be your guide to what you would love to create. This is a simple but very important rule to life.

Expanding on it I also feel that at times one can’t help but create what they consume. So one also has to be quite careful about mentally consuming junk the same way as physically consuming something nasty (I’ve read this idea somewhere but can’t recollect where). If one eats junk food they will have problems with their body and if one consumes junk content the same with the mind.

For us creators though sometimes we are bound by the quality of content that we are exposed to. Eg: Animation in India is not a big scene and that can severely restrict the things one consumes from their peers. When faced with this we need to earnestly find things that we relate deeply with, be it writings or films or art, no matter how hard we have to look for them. Love it, collect it, consume it and you might end up creating things you love too.


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