Get the bad ‘X’ out

In art school as beginners we had this philosophy driven into us. ‘Get the bad drawings out of your system’. And its such a great way to look at our everyday doings. We fear we might not be good and that fear paralyzes us from actually doing the work.

Be persistent! Get those 100 or 1000 bad pages of writing out of your system and good writing is just after it, get those bad dishes you cook out, get those blog pieces, bad films, bad music, bad dancing, bad anything out of your head into this world and let the world take care of it. Flow from creation to creation, you can only be bad for a certain number of times.

Not acting clogs the bad inside of your system. It constipates your flow and even if you do churn up a little good, it will be strenuous and not conducive for a long run. Do it, keep doing it! Its as simple as that.

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