Not Acknowledge the Status Quo

The challenge many a times is to not overturn the status quo or fight against it but to ignore it entirely. The moment we engage with a status quo and bend our will to do something for it or against it we give our power entirely to it. The status quo reduces our identity to binaries of ‘for’ and ‘against’ and we forget what it was we set out to do in the first place. The things that we like and we want to do will sometimes be limited by the artificial constraints around us but to engage in fighting the constraints and forgetting our dreams is not always a solution. At times its more important to side step the constraints than to fight them in order to keep alive our dreams. We need to prioritize what we want to do and acknowledge that we have a limited amount of energy to execute that which is precious to us. You might be able to win the battles you engage in but do you want to prioritize winning a particular battle? Thats the more important question to ask in our finite lives.

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