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Tasks and creations

Working consistently and persistently on tasks can also be a great way to generate new ideas. We often tend to think that sitting in a cottage by the forest, finding the solitude or time to think without any actionable commitments is the only way to come up with creative thoughts. But it is more likely that you will come across an idea in the midst of the ‘doing’. An idea for a film can come up while fixing your bike, looking at a vegetable vendor while doing grocery shopping might inspire a game, cleaning up after your dog might inspire a novella. When you are in the thick of executing something totally unrelated you are unconsciously gathering the raw material for your next project.

When you are amongst people or actionable tasks to do, they bring about a change in the direction of the mind that you otherwise would have to spend a lot of energy to get to. Needless to say, different work cultures, jobs, people, action, take your mind in different directions, some areas you might want to be in and some you don’t.

It is important to be conscious of this and make notes of the ideas that come about. Also to see from afar once in a while whether you need to change what you are ‘doing’ to fulfill your creative direction. Maybe sitting in that empty cabin can really help at that point, to gather and curate your ideas and through them curate your tasks and living

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