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Trusting, Caring, Loving.

Trust is probably the single most important ingredient in loving.

Loving = Trusting + Caring

Be it your work or a person. One can start with either, ‘Trusting’ or ‘Caring’ and then eventually add the other but both of them are essential to reach the state of ‘Loving’.

If I care enough about a person but I can’t trust them, I can never be in Love with them. Such a relationship revolves around responsibility. Conversely, if I trust a person but never put the effort to care for them or empathize with their needs the relationship never finds love in it, as there is no reciprocity of the trust.

The same with a task. If I take up a job and simply care for it and don’t trust that the outcome will be in the desired plane, responsibility is at the fulcrum of this relationship. I just do what is required off me. If I simply trust that the job is going to give me the desired outcome and I don’t care towards it, it doesnt find the reciprocity it has provided, limiting the relationship from being a loving one.

We get into relationships with our work and people through life and we often think that either care or trust stands for love, or we confuse caring with trusting and vice-versa. What is it that you claim you Love these days?


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