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Wandering wonderings

We were not supposed to be kept indoors on a beautiful day, day after day - Oliver Burkeman

Life passes by us as we sit stationary, staring at virtual windows that show nothing but ideas inside someone else's heads (or our own). An infinite idea dump created by an infinite amount of people glued to their plastic light sources. So enchanted we are with it that we forget to step out and experience the flowers that bud, bloom and wither, that show their own finitude and remind me of ours.

"I always wanted to be the guy who sits in front of a screen" - dreamt no kid.

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Acceptance - Change

And he saw that only through total acceptance could he retain what he loved in himself. And that acceptance, itself, would show the way to change. A change that was not revolutionary but evolutionary

Garbage and The Road

We don't stop for every piece of garbage on the road that we see around us. We don't stop to analyze what or why it is so, what made someone throw it. If it is in our way we just keep to one side and

Act on your knowing

Knowing what to do is like seeing a river run in front of you Doing, or acting upon the knowledge, is drinking from the river Your thirst will not be pacified standing at the river's edge Don't be laz


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