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An Important Desire

The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important - John Dewey

...and the things we do to make ourselves seem important..

None is immune to it and we all channelize this desire through various actions, some by playing their speakers too loud (as my neighbor right now is doing), some by gathering 'yes' men around them, some by creating great works of art that even if not appreciated allows them to take pride in, some by waging a war. Humans are driven to harm themselves when their sense of importance is taken away from them entirely, when they cannot bear to be unimportant anymore. And yet, some harm themselves to gain importance as the only resort.

It is said to be the only desire that motivates us to do anything beyond survival and propagation. Then, isn't it important that we channelize this desire into means that bring about harmony and joy? Pleasure and well-being in the self and others? What is it that makes you feel important? Does that add beauty to life or brings about pain or indifference?

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