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Art is your small cabin within the infinite

Any tool that provides limitless possibilities provides an ability to create art. There can be millions of combinations of notes on a guitar or a piano, words can be combined almost infinitely to make some sort of sense, code can be written for computers in countless ways, a line can be bent in limitless possibilities and colours can be combined in infinite unique combinations.

Approaching any such tool can also feel daunting for the same reason. In front of it we can come across as inadequate or ill-equipped. Definite and puny in front of the colossally undefinable. We can never master the whole of it. If we accept that though and respect whats in front of us, we try to find a small place in it. A place defined by our experiences. We strive to find a corner in it that allows us to express our limited being in this cosmic space. The more we express the bigger our space grows and we learn to explore more. Walking new landscapes within and without.

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