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Baking your makings

Pick up hard to go wrong projects as a beginner and do them with sincerity. The result is always motivating to do more. This is the lesson I learnt after baking my first apple pie yesterday. I've always loved apple pies and have been wanting to get into baking for long. No expectations on this one but it turned out rather good, so am gonna bake more.

This is also something that I learnt making my first film Modo De Vida: A Goan Sketchbook. Keeping the premise simple I jumped into it and explored all I could with my current abilities. When the only goal is to finish the film, you finish the film. No expectations from here too but as an exercise I sent it to a few festivals and am really happy with the outcome. So, of course, am making more.

Success and failures are a scam. They are something only to be delved on by the non-maker. A maker knows the emptiness in successes and the abundance in failures.

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