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Changing Roots

A conversation over coffee led us to the topic of childhood. Somewhere down the line we spoke about how we are all like trees, our roots being our past and our trunk and branches growing from our past into the now. And we thought how difficult it is for a tree to grow to its full potential if its roots have an atrophied growth due to negligence or active harm done to them in their formation. One can easily get rid of unwanted growth in the trunks and the branches of life, yet to get rid of one’s own roots is a really tricky task, if not done carefully the tree succumbs.

In many ways many of us are tending to our roots knowing the problem lies within and on the surface we just see little growth, but once the difficult task of addressing the roots is done, detangling them, relying less on certain directions, containing rapid unwanted growth in others, the tree has more of a chance to renew itself. One grows newer roots and relies more on them and can enjoy the sun much more profoundly and blossom.


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