Consume to create

Everyone of us wanted to make films when we were in film school, not so many once out of it. The difference I feel is that we consumed a lot of films when we were learning and it made us want to make films.

This is with everything, knowingly or unknowingly. The more you read comics the more you feel like writing/drawing them, the more you read books you have the urge to write and the more you geek out on plants, the more you want to grow them.

We are, after all, animals that have historically learnt by copying, by enacting what we see. Its only in this day and age and the culture of ‘originality’ are we seeing it as something to be restricted or avoided. The fact remains that you cannot, for a longer period, be engaged in a medium without consuming the creations of someone else in the same. Your inspirations are your own and they can come from anywhere but the act of engaging with the form is something that will always be important.

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