Experience over achievements

All achievements are dust as they are external. Within each person lies their own experience and its the thing that matters the most.

We look at achievements blindly in this world not understanding that it is the experience that we crave. We crave to experience the process of achieving something or the experience of having achieved something. The achievement in itself is only a small blip in a continuous experiential life.

When we want to achieve anything, we want to basically change our current experiences for a new set. A couch potato would want to change their living experience by wanting to run 5k. A film-maker would want to strive to the best of his ability to win an award. A part-time musician would want to focus and spend more time on his music to achieve a best-selling record. When the achievement actually happens its only a moment compared to the long stretches of time one spends in the process. Its important thus, to be grounded in being the (better) person and paying attention to know if the process allows you to be happy. Writing off happiness as a fluffy thing that brings weakness is the perfect recipe to harden your soul.

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