Ingredients of failure

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will - Suzy Kassem

I was cooking a dish today and wanting to make an improvisation and started thinking if I should take that one step that I havn’t taken before to improve on the recipe at hand. And I started wondering what is it that am afraid of here? The answer was of ‘failure’. Of the dish going bad, of the ingredients going to waste, of my time going to waste. And I began to wonder how bad it was to fail to begin with having broken down the ingredients of the failure.

Ingredients of failure in a dish gone wrong:

Cooking ingredients

Time (about 1-2 hours)

Risk of being hungry or late for the meal

And that was all there was to lose in exchange for trying out something new that would give me a learning for life and added confidence to keep improving. Which is by all means priceless.

And this is a process that can be done with almost every task in our lives.

Sticking to our comfort zones is almost always the default state as our brains are wired to do so. But away from that default is the road less taken, its a place where our sensibilities are more heightened and put into use, its a place where we find our unique way of doing the task at hand.

Its a pity that the fear of failure is so deeply ingrained in our minds through years of conditioning. More the reason to spend all our living days to liberate ourselves from it.

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