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Inspiration - Creation - Sharing

In the film Varda by Agnes, Agnes Varda, often called the godmother of the French New Wave shares the driving principles behind her prolific film-making life


She emphasizes that for her a work of art is not complete until it is shared. At once succinct and profound, the power of these lines has stayed with me since. A little elaboration on its understanding

Inspiration - Observing the things around you and within you that make, a stage of proto-creation. Filling your well with the select curation of life and feelings from the myriad flux, based on your inclinations.

Creation - The process of actualizing the stuff that inspires you, moulding them in a medium, like writing, drawing, film, photography, crafts, etc.

Partage - Sharing your work with the world. Allowing the creation to live a life in this world, like a baby leaving a parent’s cozy arms. To interact with others, to allow them to affect and be affected.

I’ve often noticed that many a times we tend to lose out on paying attention to atleast one of these three.

  1. Theres creation and sharing without finding a deeper inspiration.

  2. There is sharing of inspiration without any noticeable mind given to creation itself, in our hyper-sharing culture

  3. Last but not the least the cellars of many a creators are stuffed with creations that are not allowed to breath in the world for fear of not being loved.

In my own practice too, I struggle heavily with sharing, sometimes so much so that the thought of sharing intrudes the process of my creation to the point that I have left many a projects incomplete In the past.

But living is learning and am learning to put this behind me.

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