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Marching towards death

“Many of us don’t realize the moment we are born we are marching towards death” - Reinhold Messner (paraphrased from the film 14 peaks)

Living is a process, dying is its inevitable outcome. You die because you are living. What you do of your living is the only thing you have in your hand.

In the process of living there are many choices you can make with the constraints you’ve been born with. But its important to question if the constraints are actually out there or are made up by your mind. We could fear to choose something and call it a constraint, we could be lazy or too comfortable to choose a direction and call it a constraint. We can lie to ourselves long enough to make a truth up in our minds. We are capable of all these things, but what amongst them allows us to live a fulfilled life is something we need to ask. Does this act that we are doing, serve us?

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