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Next link in the chain

A small note on Anxiety that I’ve devised for myself to get over it in the moment when I feel it taking control over me

Think only of the next link in the chain and donot jump forward

When the mind is jumping from possibility to possibility there are many demons that we create in our mind that can paralyze us and disallow that one thing that is needed for us to get through it, ‘doing’. Doing our work, taking our steps to confront the problems, moving in the direction we desire, is the antidote to anxiety (in most cases). And while we are at it, do that next step mindfully, by being in the present and forgetting the larger outcomes. Doing it with love as Gibran would put it.

Some steps that I take when my mind is over-burdened

  1. Write down a page or two describing the problem and what I’m feeling mostly in auto-writing style.

  2. Meditate - Even if your mind is not able to focus, it helps physically to breath consistently

  3. Engage deeply in some other task, I prefer gardening or cleaning the house

  4. Listen to music singularly without multi-tasking (or if you play an instrument, even better)

  5. Go out to do a chore - Being part of a different environment with a task is refreshing and allows for more perspective

In a larger perspective, going one step at a time towards any goal is the most efficient way to accomplish it. I hope to write more on that later


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