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Progress with contentment

If I can’t be content here and now, I can’t be content anywhere any time. Because being content is not upto external resources it is something that is a state of mind. We might desire something in the future, we might think its what would make us happy then, a state of change from what we are now based on materiality. But we forget that with that mindset when we do get to that ideal future we will have another ideal setup just as quickly further ahead in time. Progress is of no use if there is no contentment. Yes, inadequacy is what leads to progress and drives actions, but to wholly give all our energies to inadequacies and not acknowledge that what we have can also make us feel content is a road paved with misery.

When we hate our existing phones and keep cursing it day in day out while saving up for that shiny new piece on the market we are habituating our brains to hating what we currently have. When we choose to see only the good parts of someone’s affluent or adventurous life and poison our living by feeling trapped in it as if it has nothing good to offer, we train ourselves to keenly delve, any bad that will ever happen to us in any situation. And so it goes on and on. You can live a better life in the future only if you know how to appreciate the better parts of your life right now, to be gratuitous and also to understand that some time in the future you will miss what you have right now and will have little access to getting here.

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