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Stick to the Beat

For a bunch of musicians to be able to jam together, the most important thing is to be able to stick to the beat. Almost all kinds of freedom is rewarded otherwise, if one can stick to the beat. Everyone sticking to the beat keeps the band tight and brings the various hands and minds playing different instruments to form a single, cohesive, piece. If one is not sticking to the beat, they create a parallel noise that threatens the music.

This is true of every collaborative project. There is always one ‘constant’, one promise, one commitment in the whole array of things. Each team member is an artist who is allowed to take his own detours as long as he keeps to the beat, the primary commitment. The band or the team can be small or huge but there has to be a single point of agreement that everyone signs up to.

One can work towards a deliverable time, a particular vision, profits or a cause. But this has to be clearly defined at the outset, without any contesting ideas, for the team to be able to dedicate to it.

What is that one commitment in your current project? What is your beat?


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