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Busy ‘ness and being valued

Being busy is considered being of value by many. Having no time to enjoy the gifts of life is merely a sign of being disorganized.

In the culture we live in, having time is something to be looked down upon. We are used to denigrating people who seem to be having time for themselves and for others. As a result, we are more likely to hide behind our screens or our files or whatever it is we work on, for much longer than is required. Not only to show outwardly importance but to gain a value of our self by staying away from free time. Free time somehow should always be unjust or rightly earned by spending crazy amounts of time ‘working’ to compensate it.

While we stay glued to our screens, our friendships wither, our relationships are ignored, a fine time that is worth living for is lost and our body ages and crumbles through it all. Divorced from living, the work we are capable of doing is bereft of meaning for oneself and others

Life isn’t a support system for art. Its the other way around. - Stephen King

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