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Curate your virtual space

The virtual space is to your mind what the digital space is to your body.

If you have a lot of clutter in the room, you not only find it functionally difficult to manoeuver through it but it also affects your mind.

The same is with virtual space. If you have a lot of information clutter in your virtual space, it not only affects your capability to manoeuver through your tasks and thoughts but it has an indirect effect on the functioning of your physical self.

We take great pains to curate our physical space. A good table, incense, sunlight from the windows, objects that give us pleasure. We curate what we consume as well for our physical health. But it is often that our virtual spaces are horrendously organized, the equivalent of a corpse rotting in the center of our room through news or our sippers filled with sugary water through insta or FB. The moment we dive into that space we are pushed from one unhealthy option to the other and have to really dig out the few things that serve us. Needless to say each visit to the virtual space has a tiring effect at best and severely detrimental effects at worst.

Yet at the same time, the benefits and promise of digital tech are impossible to ignore and its impossible to go back in a time before them. Curating our virtual space, clearing the distracting and unimportant, implementing and making obvious the ones that are beneficial, ruthlessly, is the need of the hour.

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