Separating Thinking from Doing

Thinking can be good at the start of any project. It helps set direction and allows to plan out the tools needed on the journey. But by standing on the starting line and hoping to plan out everything that might go right or wrong on the relay ahead doesn’t take things forward. Setting a direction has its own purpose and actually running has its own. One needs to end for the other to start.

To overcome the attachment to thinking, a resolution has to be made. To start with the bare essentials and trust that we are capable of handling most other things while in the flow of execution. If at all we come across something that makes us regret our ill preparation, include that on the thinking list before the next journey. Any thought beyond acting and reacting while in execution mode is bound to drain energy, slow you down or even mislead you from your earlier defined goals.

What though when the task is not a relay but a marathon? Split it into relays and at each break, use the consolidated learnings from the last stretch to get better in the next.

Just like inhaling without exhaling, thinking without doing can be fatal for your mind.

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