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The Great Outdoors

Only ideas won by walking have any value - Friedrich Nietzsche

This line keeps coming to me time after time. Especially since these days we are so used to being holed up due to the pandemic.

I made it a point this weekend to step outside and take a complete break from work and here I am on a Wednesday wanting some more of it. As a designer and an artist I often tend to mistake that ideas are somewhere in my head and I just need to take them out. Whereas, the truth is that ideas are all around us and the more we sit in the same room doing the same things, we slowly and surely kill any chance of experiencing life first hand. This is not to say that habits and rituals are not important. They are of utmost importance to express and efficiently mould something from one’s life, but to observe life one has to engage with people, trees, animals and the wind. Observation is the motivation for creativity and yes we can read books or watch films but there is something raw and telling about our own nature when we interpret the happenings of life first hand.


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