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Valuing a task mindfully

Often times we tend to categorize our tasks into priorities. This is good for attending to more important things first as an organization skill towards productivity. But somehow we also tend to categorize tasks mentally into priorities for their value. While this is great to choose what should and should not be pursued it can be detrimental to think of one task as less important than the other while you are in the act of executing it.

For example, if I know sketching daily is good for me and I have ascertained its value in my practice, then its important that I donot see it as less important than the other tasks in my day, like executing an illustration or a piece of animation.

While executing a task it helps to keep a frame of mind to do it to your best ability, mentally and physically. To do it lovingly. To not look at the task as lower or the time spent on it as imparting lesser value. To not judge it. To isolate yourself from everything else but the task. Making it a tool to meditate on.

I’ve felt and seen around me that when one cares deeply for the smallest tasks that one is to do, one is able to maximize the efficiency not only of that task but also the other tasks around them. The doing tunes the brain and sharpens it for focus and the same brain is thus more capable of doing other things.

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