Taking a break is part of work. We put them on the opposite ends of the spectrum at our own peril. Nothing is more important than knowing when and how to take your break. Like an inhaling and exhaling rhythm and like pedaling the cycle with your left and right leg, breaks in work push your life and journey ahead, your task ahead. Limping on one leg to end the race thinking its the more important one is a foolish and skewed perspective. One not only reaches horribly late but also with an injury at the finish line.

What you subscribe to takes away your time. And its not just Netflix or Mubi or instagram or a newsletter. Its also the bigger ideas in life. Religion, philosophies, principles, systems, they all make you do things that you wouldn’t have if you were not aligned to them. And doing things takes time, the only absolute finite resource you have. Every other thing melts down in importance in front of the resource of time.

Yes, you’re gonna live through it one way or another, but that shouldn’t be a matter of triviality. You can accumulate peace, wisdom, happiness, prosperity through the time you have, for yourself as well as for others, or, conversely, you can accumulate hurt, pain, frustrations and regrets, through the same time resource depending on how you use it.

So when you pull your socks for a run subscribing to a fitness regime, pull up your fine shirt for the evening mass, join a company where you’re gonna work day in - day out, ask yourself, what are you going to accumulate out of it in your mind and body?

There are two ways to look about work. One that some external motivation will hit us and we will be inspired to act. Two that we show up every day regardless and put in the work and the work in itself will motivate us to do more work.

As you keep excavating into parts of our mind that you havn’t earlier thrown a light upon, you find interesting, curious, funny, exhilarating, mysterious things that will keep you excited. Like an explorer on the uncharted lands of your mindscape, you will encounter wonders that only you are allowed to find. You might find common banal things that others find in their own minds or you might find gems that are rarer than the most precious stones in its uniqueness. And with every trip you will come out with something that you are excited to share with others like a child.

Share that loving, precious thing you find and go back in to explore more. It is the wonder that creates motivation, a very personal form of motivation, intrinsic and unique to you. Go to your creative cave, forest, mountain, desert, equipped with wonder in your hearts.