Minimize your Cues

The Habit loop (from Atomic Habits)


Everyday life, physically and virtually is littered with cues. Many of the cues that one has in their physical and virtual environment get consumed almost instantly and create cravings that create a discomfort until they are responded upon. But since there are a million cues not everything can be acted upon and thus they generate a feeling of inadequacy in us. Unmet cravings, conscious and sub-conscious, drive us into the ground and make focusing on the thing of importance a struggle.

The difference between focus and distraction boils down to what cue you choose to follow up on. Mindfulness trains the mind to focus on the breath and not take any audio-visual or sensory cue beyond what it is. It tries to stem craving from being born. Minimalism allows the brain to have more energy by eliminating the cues that are detrimental in the environment. A good clean room or table to work on and a minimal virtual environment filled only with curated tools can go a long way in productivity and a satisfactory work-day.

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