Shine a light on the dark crevices

One of the lines that Adriene from her online Yoga class says is to ‘Shine a light on the dark crevices’ and she means this for the physical body where many of the organs or muscles of the body are in dormancy and havn’t found much use to feel alive.

Similarly for the mind. We are used to sticking to our regular patterns in our daily lives and there are many dormant areas of our mind that would do well with some exercise.

how easy it is to spend a day getting stuff done…without doing anything meaningful at all. A hypereffective schedule designed to maximise productivity is, in fact, more likely to distract you from what‘s important than help you discover it. - Rob Walker (The Art of Noticing)

Not only is thinking/observing beyond our patterns important, but its also fun. It wouldn’t be wrong to say our routines cripple our observations and the biggest downside of it all is that we miss beauty around us. Day in day out we keep strengthening the same thought patterns and wish we could have breakthroughs of creativity by force.

In his wonderful daily blog Seth mentions:

Wandering around in a digital swamp is a pretty common way to spend an hour these days. Alas, most of us would never consider doing this in a forest. Walking over to a tree because it looked sort of interesting, standing there for a minute, then wandering away. Tree after tree, for hours. - Seth Godin

Good ideas can be planned, great ideas have to be allowed to happen And wandering into seldomly used parts of our mind is a good way to start.

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